Pakistan is pleased to be cradle of Sikh legacy. After the downfall of Mughal empire in Indian sub-continent the Sikhs ruled over India and managed to stay for about over two decades and during their period there were a ton of new increments into the Indian history which are very noticeable on the off chance that we focus a little on it. There are a plethora of landmarks, havelis, posts and Guardwaras which are presently part of the significant landmarks of Pakistan.

The stats show that there were almost 170 Gurdawaras in Pakistan, anyway the partition of the Indian Subcontinent changed the entire picture, affecting the presence of Sikh religion and its blessed locales. A large portion of the locales are situated in Lahore, Gujranwala and Sialkot. Additionally, Panja Sasib close to Rawalpindi and Nankana Sahib close to Faisalabad

Check out the list of most visited Gurdwaras of Pakistan:

1. Gurdwara Janam Asthan, Nankana Sahib

2. Gurdwara Patti sahib, Nankana Sahib

3. Gurdwara Kiara Sahib, Nankana Sahib

4. Gurdwara Tambu Sahib, Nankana Sahib

5. Gurdwara Panjvi Patshahi, Nankana Sahib

6. Gurdwara Dera Sahib, Lahore

7. Gurdwara Sacha Sauda, Farooqabad

8. Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hassan Abdal

9. Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, Narowal

Gurdwara Rori Sahib, Eminabad

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  1. Brinder Singh Saigal

    Thanks for the list and superb pictures. Am so happy to see these. Would love to see some also from Peshawar, the land of my parents and ancestors. I hope to visit Pakistan one day……

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