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2020  Jan   Worldwide airline ticket booking started. Saiyah is now providing services of Hajj & Umrah as well.

2019  June  First Spanish motorbike tour to North

           Apr    Our main operations started from United Heights, Civic Center, Phase 4, Bahria Town, ISB

           Jan    “Saiyah Riders” name changed to “Pakistan Bikers”

2018  Nov   Our first Balochistan tour for foreigners 

2017  Dec    Pakistan 4 Provinces 5,300 km Bike Tour

           Oct     Expedition to Boulder Peak

           July    Expedition to Spantik (7,027m)

           Jun     Expedition to Broad Peak (8,047m)

           Feb     Snow Leopard tour to Khunjerab National Park


2016   Jul     Clean-up Caravan at Deosai National Park       

2015   Feb-Apr Preparation for Sri Lanka office

            May     Establishment of SAIYAH Lahore Office

            Jun      Establishment of Sri Lanka Office “Nature Explore-Lanka”

            Aug      Organized Boroghil Expedition tour for Japanese clients with cooperation with TCKP

            Oct      Establishment of “SAIYAH RIDERS”

            Oct      Deosai Wildlife Inspection “Brown Bear


2014    Jul       Expedition to Spantik(7027m)

            Oct      Welcome return Kuch of Shimshal Pamir Yak Safari

            Oct      Expedition to Boroghil Valley


2013    Mar      “TAGAM FESTIVAL” tour to Shimshal village

            Jun      Expedition to Minglik Sar & Shimshal Pamir

            Jul       Expedition to Spantik(7027m)


2012    Jan      Opening of restaurant “Intermezzo Kissa Khwani” (Later name changed to HANA Restaurant)

            Jun-Aug Japanese Movie shooting arrangement “SOGEN NO ISU”

            Oct      Coordination of JETRO Pakistan Mission

            Nov      Closing of SAIYAH Serai in Skardu


2011    May     Our first “KALASH JOSHI FESTIVAL TOUR”

            Jun      Shimshal Pamir Biggest Yak Safari Expedition & Minglik Sar Expedition

            Aug      Our first “KALASH UCHAO FESTIVAL TOUR”


2010    Jun      Gondogolo-la from Hushe side Expedition

            Nov      Opening of SAIYAH Serai in Skardu


2009   Jun      Shimshal Pamir Expedition

            Nov      Expedition to Kalapattar & Gokyo Peak in NEPAL by SAIYAH Staff


2008   Jan      Establishment (Authorized) of “SAIYAH” as a travel management company

            Mar      Establishment of “SAIYAH CRUISE” Transport Department

            May     Machulu-la Expedition

            Jun      We operated Concordia Heli Landing, over the K2 BC flight with MI-17 Heli cooperation with Pak Army

            Sep      Shimshal Pamir Expedition

            Oct      Staff Training Course Tour for Japanese & Pakistani Staff


2007  Dec      First group (Japanese) to Sindh-Punjab region arranged by our team.

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